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‘It’s very sad': N.J. FD consolidates 3 fire stations into 1 due to lack of volunteers

The Winslow Township Fire Department created one “super station” to deal with a decrease in firefighter staffing

By Bill Carey

WINSLOW TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Winslow Township Fire Department announced the closure of three stations in Tansboro, Albion and Elm due to a volunteer shortage.

These will be consolidated into a single “super station” at the fire headquarters on Cedar Brook Road by year’s end, CBS Philadelphia reported.

“To be honest with you, it’s very sad,” Fire Chief Marc Rigberg said. “It’s a struggle in today’s world for us to bring people in due to a variety of reasons that challenge us.”

Rigberg noted that the decline in volunteers is due to a general lack of interest and the challenges faced by those who, despite wanting to help, work multiple jobs and struggle to meet training requirements.

Rigberd said response times should not be affected since the township employs career firefighters, although volunteers are vital for supplementing their efforts.

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