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Fire Recruit School is your comprehensive guide to launching a successful career in firefighting. Our articles cover everything from the initial steps to becoming a firefighter, mastering the interview process, and excelling in the fire academy. Whether you are just starting out or preparing for the next stage in your journey, you’ll find expert advice, practical tips, and invaluable insights to help you succeed in this challenging and rewarding profession.

All of these questions would be asked as “What would you do if ... " questions
Here are some common (and two uncommon) questions you may encounter on a typical entry-level oral board
Firefighting is a tough business, and firefighters — more than most other professionals — need to possess a multitude of skills and talents
If you’re looking to be hired or promoted, you’ll want to prep for these go-to oral interview questions
There are pros and cons to running calls in a big city and a small town; here’s our readers’ advice to those aspiring to a career in firefighting
Fire departments need candidates with a strong sense of ethics who will not embarrass or harm the department
Taking a deliberate approach to recruiting underrepresented segments of the population will boost fire department ranks and its overall quality
Whether just starting a firefighting career or a seasoned officer, being adept at getting the most out of an after-incident critique makes firefighters and the department better
Navigating overtime and shift-trade expectations can be a minefield for a probationary firefighter; here’s advice on how to come through it in one piece
We can’t wish calls that test our mettle into or out of existence; we can only better prepare for them