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Fire Boat

The new fireboats for Anne Arundel County will help with dive rescue
Retired in 1994, the John J. Harvey was used to evacuate survivors during the Sept. 11 terror attacks
A visiting firefighter from Belgium was killed when the fireboat struck another vessel
Fluid Watercraft has the patrol boats first responders need now, in stock
Beaver Dam firefighters were injured while training on Beaver Dam Lake
Three Beaver Dam firefighters were injured, one seriously, during training around Grape Island
First responders from several agencies treated several patients after two charter speed boats collided
Baltimore firefighters kept fire from two burning boats from extending throughout the Anchorage Marina
One patient in the New Bedford pier collapse was transported to St. Luke’s Emergency Department by rescue boat
Dustin Jay Knutson was spotted speeding through a Kalama, Wash. marina in the Portland Fire & Rescue boat
FDNY fireboats assisted with water supply by drafting from Flushing Bay
Firefighters were ferried over to Rhode Island’s Block Island for a fire in a large, historic hotel
Two people were injured when their vehicle went into the James River before a bridge-tunnel
2 people and a dog were rescued after an explosion sent them into the water at Gloucester Harbor
Salvage operations will begin now that the fire on the Grande Costa d’Avorio that killed 2 Newark FFs is out
Firefighters, salvage workers and a FDNY fire boat are working to extinguish the fire
Newark union leader points at 1-inch hose while Fire Chief Rufus Jackson says a lack of experienced FFs may have been a factor
Several FDNY fire boats could be seen pumping thousands of gallons of water onto the ship
Clifton firefighters were trapped in the Passaic River after their fireboat went over the falls
Firefighter Robert Wilkes, owner of Skylite Houseboat Management, started removing boats from the Lake Powell dock to create a fire break
Divers performed a grid search to locate the man on the floor of the bay
Fire and police boats would be exempt from maritime regulations, but their operators would have to exercise regard for safety
Buffalo’s Edward M. Cotter put out a brush fire from Lake Erie
A lawsuit filed by high-ranking chiefs says Richard Blatus’ retirement highlights tactics used to get older chiefs to retire
South Bay crews were forced to hand off a call at a school for a student struggling to breathe because they are required to respond to all ice rescues
The floating fire station has drawn curious eyes from around the world, starting with its initial conception and extending to crew operations
Animal Rescue
Edgewater firefighters found the Leonberger Bernese mix named Bear several days after it escaped its owner during a walk and jumped into the river