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Ken Lavelle

The Rehab Zone

The Rehab Zone. Kenneth G. Lavelle, MD, FACEP, FF/NREMT-P, is Clinical Instructor of Emergency Medicine at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, and Attending Physician at CapitalHealth, Trenton, N.J. He was previously an attending physician at Albert Einstein Medical Center, and previously spent 14 years working as a firefighter and EMS provider.

Working the medical tent at an endurance event shows similarities and differences to firefighter rehab
Getting firefighters to and keeping them in rehab is a challenge; these steps for better efficiency will make that job easier
Here are the negative effects of exercise and heat on the body during firefighting, and how to counter those effects
Large-scale incidents produce a new set of problems for rehab and medical resource management; plan well before the event
Taking personal health for granted is a disservice to your family and the community you serve; here’s my success story
Our bodies weren’t designed to be sleep deprived or work the nightshift; here are some ways ease the transition
Passing out, even briefly, can be a sign that a firefighter has life-threatening health issues; a trip to the hospital is always in order
While we cannot wipe out cancer, understanding its nature and the special risk to firefighters allows us to take steps to reduce its occurrence and severity
When the scene is vastly different from a typical fire, the rehab and EMS response must match that need
Erratic, combative behavior is one sign to check a firefighter’s blood sugar level