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‘Have a date on the calendar’: Joe De Sena’s pro-tip for staying motivated

The CEO of the Spartan endurance sports brand wants to help 100 million people get fit – now 101 million with his offer of a free race for all firefighters

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Joe De Sena – the founder and CEO of the Spartan endurance sports brand – has long said his vision is “to get 100 million people healthy and off the couch,” and now he’s adding a million to that goal with his promise of a free Spartan race to all firefighters. That’s right, De Sena made the big announcement on the Better Every Shift podcast. De Sena’s a realist, though. He knows not everyone is ready for the world of endurance sports, so he shares some words of wisdom to meet firefighters where they’re at, namely, “It doesn’t have to be everything, but it has to be something; do something every single day.”

Plus, we dig into all this:

  • Three things he learned in his youth from a local organized crime family
  • The motivational power of a calendar
  • His philosophy on working out the stress
  • Why we need to gamify our health

Email Zam to get a code for a free Spartan race – and let him know if you want a race partner.

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