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IAFC launches coronavirus task force

The task force will share ways fire departments can protect their members while continuing to serve their communities


By Janelle Foskett

The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) has launched a coronavirus task force as part of its continued monitoring of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) inside the United States, according to a statement from the IAFC.

The task force will monitor the coronavirus and develop recommendations for ways that fire departments can protect their members while continuing to serve their communities.

Members of the task force include:

  • Fire Chief John Sinclair, Chair, IAFC President 2016-2017
  • Dr. James Augustine, MD, FACEP; IAFC EMS Section
  • Fire Chief Norvin Collins; IAFC Volunteer and Combination Officers Section
  • Fire Chief Mike Duyck, Ret.; Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association
  • Assistant Chief Jo-Ann Lorber; IAFC Emergency Management Committee
  • Fire Chief Dan Munsey; IAFC Technology Council
  • Assistant Chief Nick Perkins; IAFC Safety, Health, and Survival Section
  • Assistant Chief Bob Royall; IAFC Hazardous Materials Committee
  • Mr. Richard Patrick; U.S. Fire Administration
  • Dr. Jon Krohmer, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Representatives from the International Association of Fire Fighters, American Medical Response, and a private medical supplies manufacturer

The task force has also released an e-guidebook (PDF) – IAFC Guide for Coronavirus Planning and Response – to assist fire chiefs in planning for and responding to COVID-19 issues. The guidance document contains recommendations related to developing dispatch protocols, selecting and using appropriate PPE, implementing decontamination procedures, and creating preplans for quarantining and isolating first responders.

As your agency likely is preparing to care for potential patients and protect firefighters and EMS personnel from exposures, please know that the IAFC stands with you and is ready to help,” said Task Force Chair John Sinclair, chief of the Kittitas Valley (Washington) Fire and Rescue. “As always, please remind your personnel to stay safe and err on the side of caution when caring for known or suspected COVID-19 patients.

Learn more at the IAFC Coronavirus resources page.