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The COVID-19 RAPID Mental Health Assessment highlights key concerns related to first responder stress, general wellbeing, and work-life balance
Noble Township Assistant Chief Jarod Kammeyer was hospitalized twice after contracting COVID-19 during a standby
The law applies to those who got sick with the virus from March 9, 2020, through June 30, 2021 and assumes they contracted it because of work
“The City agrees it will not enforce the existing December 20, 2021, Vax Mandate Policy against Local 718 members,” the agreement with the firefighters reads
Under the measure, it would be automatically assumed that working conditions directly led to first responders contracting COVID-19 and that it led to a disability
Members who were previously terminated over the rule have the option to reapply for a position at the department
The Connecticut Premium Pay Program was created to provide up to $1,000 in bonuses to private sector employees who worked during the COVID-19 pandemic
Several members left during COVID, and many remaining members feel beaten down or unsure how to establish a “family feeling” with the rookies
Michael Browder Jr.'s suit accuses city officials of treating him differently than his non-Black colleagues, embarrassing him and creating personal hardship
The state is no longer accept new applications and plans to increase funding by $76.6 million while implementing a tiered system