Firefighters recover prosthetic leg worth $127K from river

Corinth Fire Department firefighters reunited an amputee with his prosthetic leg after it fell off the back of his jet ski

By FireRescue1 Staff

CORINTH, N.Y. — A fire department dive crew recovered a prosthetic leg worth thousands after it fell off the back of a jet ski.

CBS6 reported that a male amputee called 911 after losing his prosthetic leg worth $127,000 in the Hudson River.

"He said when he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident it truly affected him, but after he so called lost his leg for a second time, it almost affected him more,” Corinth Fire Department Captain Derek Briner said.

Divers searched for the first time briefly, but did not find it. They were also unable to locate the prosthetic after a three-hour search, and it was not until the third search that they located it under about 15 feet of water.


Big find for our little town. Through many dedicated hours our dive team along with the help of other local departments...

Posted by Corinth Fire Department - NY on Sunday, June 24, 2018


"The bottom of the leg has a very realistic looking foot. So the toes were sticking out of the mud, and that's about all he could see,” Capt. Briner said about the diver who located the prosthetic.

The prosthetic, which was in working condition, was returned to the owner.

"The smile on his face made what we do well worth it," Capt. Briner said. "For him to have it back and turn it on and have it still function correctly from what he could tell ...he got his life back."

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