Fire chief, 75, reflects on marrying chief's daughter, losing son in LODD

In his 56 years as a volunteer firefighter a lot has happened; had his son and asst. chief not died, he'd have retired by now

By Cyan Zhong

EPHRAIM, Wis. — Americans are obsessed with the idea of superheroes, but firefighters are the real-life heroes that people truly need. Niles Weborg, the Fire Chief in Ephraim, Door County, has been in the service for over 50 years. He started as a firefighter and became chief in 1981. 

“I married to fire chief’s daughter in Ephraim, and I inherited the fire department, and that will be 56 years...the 13th of June. Things have changed 180 degrees from when I joined the fire department to now.” Weborg said.
Things are different from the early years, but his devotion to serve the Ephraim people remained the same. At the age of 75, he still hasn’t stepped down. The reason was partly because of his will to keep serving the community, but it was also a sad price he paid as a superhero.

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