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FDIC 2015 Product Review

Here’s the newest and most interesting firefighter gear and technology from the annual conference.

Valor seats have SCBA support straps, military-grade upholstery and improved seat belts and buckles
The new multi-layer lining provides more moisture protection from both external and internal sources
The new K45 improves firefighters vision in total darkness or in smoke-filled rooms
The Ferno 2020 Vision Proof of Concept vehicle creates a safer, more efficient and intelligent delivery of care
G-XTREME 3.0 provides unrestricted mobility for even the most athletic firefighter; try it on and see how you like the fit at FDIC booth #2208
Breach is touted to be the company’s most protective boot; check it out at FDIC booth #1507
The glove was re-designed after valuable first responder feedback
The Caselight CL10K provides 10,000 lumens of portable light that sets up in less than 20 seconds
The new firmware will allow site roaming and single remote head configurations for mobile units
At more than 95 decibels, comparable with a jackhammer, the new pager can be heard above fireground noise
The three-zipper covers fit over firefighter lockers, are anti-microbial and are cleaned with common dish soap
The company is looking to incorporate a trailer hitch that will allow it to be pulled to the fire scene by a support vehicle
The new design offers more cab space, a tighter turn radius and better weight distribution