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First Arriving wins silver at 2023 Telly Awards for Volunteer Firemen’s Association of the City of New York Recruitment Campaign

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ASHLAND, Va. — First Arriving, a leading recruitment and retention strategist company, is proud to announce its recent success at the prestigious 2023 Telly Awards. The company has been honored with the Silver award in the Public Service & Activism for Social Video category for their outstanding work on the Volunteer Firemen’s Association of the City of New York Recruitment Campaign.

First Arriving’s winning entry in the Public Service & Activism for Social Video category showcased its exceptional talent and innovative approach to recruitment campaigns. Their work with VFANYC highlighted the importance of attracting dedicated volunteer firefighters to join the association and serve the community. First Arriving exceptional track record of success in previous campaigns, its innovative and strategic recruitment approach, remarkable history of achievements, and ability to think outside the box when attracting recruits made them the perfect match for VFANYC’s needs.

This is not the first time First Arriving has been recognized for its outstanding contributions. The Silver Telly Award marks the company’s second achievement at the prestigious event, reaffirming its commitment to delivering exceptional client results.

“We are thrilled and honored to receive the 2023 Telly Award for our recruitment campaign. I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to First Arriving Director Matthew Troy, the director behind the winning video,” said Daniel Cavanagh, President of the Volunteer Firemen’s Association of the City of New York. “His ability to capture the essence of our volunteer firefighters and their unique experiences in New York City was truly outstanding. This recognition is a testament to Matthew’s outstanding work and ability to bring our mission to life through his artistry. We are grateful for his contributions and proud to have collaborated with him on this award-winning project.”

Among the other notable winners of the 2023 Telly Awards are renowned media companies, creative agencies, and production studios that have set the standard for excellence in their respective fields, including Netflix, Disney Parks, Paramount, National Geographic Society, and NBA team the Golden State Warriors.

The recognition by the Telly Awards is a testament to First Arriving’s commitment to innovation, creativity, and delivering exceptional results. Their partnership with VFANYC has showcased their ability to create engaging and effective recruitment campaigns that resonate with audiences and inspire action.

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