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SKLZ Presents Warm Up & Recovery Tools for the Whole Team

Carlsbad, CA- The purpose of the Team Injury Prevention package is to prepare the firefighter’s body for physical activity and the demands of the training session or the line of duty. Preparing the body prior to intense movement will greatly improve your firefighter’s potential to be injury free.

The package includes:


  • Small and portable for travel and packing in a workout bag
  • Three bands for heavy, medium, and light resistance
  • Constructed from high quality, durable latex
  • Includes an instructional exercise guide and scannable Microsoft tags for mobile instructional videos


  • Provides you with an unstable surface to stand on, to help you improve the balance by strengthening your stabilizer muscles
  • 2.25" thick, measures 18.5" x 16.5"
  • Destabilizing properties enhance balance and core strength training
  • Perfect for seated or standing rehabilitative and proprioceptive exercises
  • Easy to clean, water-resistant closed-cell foam
  • Textured slip-resistant surface


  • 15 inches
  • Closed-cell, easy to clean, water-resistant foam
  • Hollow-core construction for maximum portability and durability


  • Helps accelerate recovery from back pain and sports injuries
  • Rejuvenates muscle tissue
  • Includes massage guide
  • Easy-to-clean foam material


  • Slide-Lock Cable System for quick and safe cable exchange
  • Contoured, ergonomic handle design with rotating grips
  • 30-90 lbs of resistance (13-40kg)
  • Includes 3 training cables (30lbs each), 2 Triple Quick Change Handles and 1 door anchor

If you would like to learn more about this product, please contact SKLZ here:

About SKLZ

We believe in supporting the health and betterment of kids and community everywhere, and we not only create products that help to support that position, but we’re also closely involved with charitable organizations that follow the same beliefs. Through our support of and relationships with the Challenged Athletes Foundation and numerous local organizations we are constantly inspired and honored to be a part of their success.