Narcotics Box Maintains Security for Controlled Substances While Allowing Easy Access and Audit Trails

Los Angeles Dean Safe is pleased to offer the Narcotics Security Box.

Regulatory compliance is made easier with our Narcotics Box thanks to the security, control, and accountability provided by the Kaba Mas Unicon lock. 

The optional software package provides audit trail reporting capabilities to meet tighter security requirements mandated by many agencies.

The Kaba Mas Unicon CL20 lock featured on our Narcotics Security Box is a sophisticated push button electronic lock with a key override, allowing multiple user codes including  master, supervisor, and user code levels.

When multiple boxes are utilized by an agency, key locks can be keyed meet the specific security needs. 

All Boxes can be linked to a master computer for audit trail reports.  Optional Key Fobs allow easy transfer of data to an off-site computer.

The Narcotics Security Box can be easily installed under or on top of a surface with its included mounting bracket.  Measuring 12 1/2" w x 6" h x 9 3/4" d the Box can accommodate most narcotics kits.

For additional information and price quotes please contact Dean Safe at 877-486-7233, 805-526-5443 or

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