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SCENEdots Reflective Vehicle Decals are Now Four Times Brighter

SCENEdots is a patented product that easily allows the creation of a reflective stripe on ANY surface without measuring or cutting the reflective material!

As we enter our 4th year, we take pride in the fact that there are thousands of firetrucks throughout this great nation that have been made safer due to the invention of this product. Our experience has afforded us to become even more innovative and led to the development of our NEW SCENEdots which are FOUR times Campaign: Not definedtest_pc_campaign (486090)Powerheart by Cardiac Science (409467)1test_camp (449668)24-7 EMS (291509)24-7 Fire (594861)5.11 Tactical (884763)9-1-1 Magazine (533508)9-11 Patch Project (18268)911 Sculpture (477644)911firegear Inc (283032)A.H. Stock (922039)Adamson Industries Corp. (510382)Admiral Fire (402301)Advanced Fitness Technologies (280803)Advanced HAZMAT Life Support (533948)Ahura Corp. (112406)AIR Technology Solutions, Inc. 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Advantages of our New SCENEdots:

• Made of 3M “Diamond Grade"TM which is four times brighter
• We SEAL all edges with a “state of the art” method to prevent moisture and dirt contamination. (If edges are left un-sealed, the life and durability of “Diamond Grade” material is severely reduced)
• Improved daytime visibility using the “High Vis” fluorescent colors
• Multiple dots can be applied at one time on all tread plates
• All 56 dots can be applied at one time on any smooth surface (application tape is standard with all sheets)
• Newly formatted sheets allows you to create chevron stripes in any length and width without measuring or cutting the reflective material and it’s completely “SEAMLESS”
• Create a “See Thru” chevron stripe on the rear window of a Chief’s vehicle
• Create a perfect directional arrow without measuring or cutting the reflective material
• Create “scoreboard” style numbers without measuring or cutting the reflective material
• “Diamond Grade” is a trademarked name of 3M Products

Until SCENEdots, making the rear of fire apparatus that has diamond treadplate more visible by the use of reflective material has been virtually impossible. SCENEdots resolves this issue, and we are proud to say that we have received two patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

SCENEdots are made with the same reflective material that has been used for years, therefore the durability has already been proven. SCENEdots is a great alternative to the traditional Chevron striping which, as you know, requires a smooth surface for application and is far more expensive. With SCENEdots, you can make a horizontal, vertical, or chevron stripe in any width or length without measuring, cutting or using a straight-edge for alignment. SCENEdots have a unique twist of technology: that is, when they reflect light they have a very distinctive LED appearance as opposed to a solid continuous stripe. The beauty of this product is that you do it yourself! Simply peel and stick the reflective dots -- It’s that simple!

SCENEdots will make your fire apparatus more visible, which means safer during an emergency response, at the scene, or simply returning back to the fire station