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Setcom Releases Advanced Fire Wireless Headset

Austin, TX – Setcom Corporation, a leading manufacturer of intercom systems and headsets for fire apparatus, continues to pioneer new technology in the public safety communications market with the release of the newly redesigned Setcom Liberator™ fire wireless headset.

The latest feature is “instant on” which eliminates the need to turn the headset on and off. Using advanced motion sensor technology, the headset will shut down after 15 minutes of inactivity and will automatically turn back on when the firefighter grabs the headset. This allows emergency personnel to focus attention on their dangerous jobs versus trying to find the on/off switch. Every second counts on the way to a scene, and Setcom is there to help make emergency services more time efficient.

Additionally, the Liberator headset gets up to 1,200 feet of range in ideal conditions and features up to 30 hours of continuous talk time, allowing for more uses with fewer charges. This battery life is more than double any other system on the market.

Setcom’s newest fire wireless headset is able to integrate a portable radio into the headset in addition to a mobile radio which allows a firefighter to simultaneously communicate over two radio channels, fire ground and dispatch. Moreover, the fire wireless headset features a 128-bit encrypted wireless link for maximum security. The heavy-duty and durable design extends the life of the communication equipment in a demanding environment.

The Liberator system also has the option of incorporating the Aerial Advantage™ antenna system which increases the vertical wireless coverage for use on aerial and ladder apparatus.

The new fire wireless headset features a premium dual-speaker design with a noise reduction rating of 24dB, making it a headset that not only provides exceptional communication capabilities but also limits the amount of damaging noise exposure, as established by the National Fire Protection Association
(NFPA) and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).

On the exhibit floor of the 2011 Fire Rescue International conference in Atlanta, Setcom President, Michael Boyd said, “With the latest Liberator headset, Setcom has continued its commitment to create the most innovative communications tools that enable firefighters and EMS professionals to work effectively in high noise environments.”

Available in a behind-the-head style and fully functional while plugged into the vehicle power supply, Setcom’s latest fire wireless headset is a state-of-the-art intercom system which provides exceptional communication technology for demanding environments.

About Setcom Corporation
Founded in 1970, Setcom ( is a privately held company that designs, manufactures and sells communications systems, headsets and accessories for two-way radios. Setcom’s markets include firefighters, rescue personnel, paramedics, police motorcycle officers, the United States military and industrial users.

Over 1,000 structural fire departments and 90% of major American airport fire departments use Setcom products, which include fire truck intercom systems, airport rescue apparatus intercom systems and rugged mobile and portable headset interfaces. Emergency vehicles that Setcom systems can be used on include pumper, tanker, engine, aerial, quint, ladder, hazmat, ambulance, brush, command center, wildland, or rescue trucks. Setcom even provides equipment for all types of boats and water craft.

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