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Jackson Township Fire Department Receives $24,000 in Donated Turnout Gear from Globe Manufacturing

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To celebrate 125 years in business, Globe donates 125 sets of turnout gear to a dozen deserving volunteer fire departments.

Partnering with National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) and DuPont, Globe is proud to announce the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Department in Gentryville, Indiana is the latest recipient of 12 sets of turnout gear.

The volunteer fire department in Jackson Township operates on a budget of only $13,000. “This money covers our insurance, fuel and maintenance,” says Captain Mark Spellmeyer. “We must conduct fundraisers to pay for everything else.” With recent property tax caps applied in Indiana Spellmeyer says it has been virtually impossible to get broken or damaged gear replaced with help from the local government.

“We know volunteer departments have been hit especially hard over the last few years,” Globe Marketing Manager Stephanie McQuade says, “and we just want to do our part to ensure first responders have confidence in their gear to continue as the heroes they are.” Globe estimates the cost to replace one firefighter suit is over $2,000.

“Many volunteer departments are struggling to meet basic expenses,” says Kimberly Quiros, Director of Communication, NVFC. “We are thrilled to provide local departments with safe, up-to-date protective gear to continue saving lives.”

Globe – a fourth-generation family-owned business founded in 1887 – implemented the gear donation program to say thank you to the first responders who devote their time and risk their own safety to protect their communities.

Over 2,600 departments applied for the gear, demonstrating the critical need for a program of this nature. Globe has already donated 126 sets of gear to resource-constrained departments across the country. A final round of donations will be made in December.

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