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Blauer Manufacturing and Avon Protection Achieve NFPA 1994 Certification for CBRN Protective Suit

Boston, MA – Blauer announced today that it has achieved third party certification of its WZ9435 XRT suit for use with Avon Protection’s popular C50 and FM12 respirators. The certification is a milestone for US law enforcement and government agencies that have adopted the Avon respirators and have been unable until now to wear them with a chemical/biological/radiological/nuclear (CBRN) protective suit as part of an NFPA certified ensemble. Blauer and Avon have been in collaboration since 2008 to jointly develop an interface solution that would meet all of the performance requirements of the NFPA 1994 (2007 edition) standard. Blauer is currently the only CBRN suit manufacturer to achieve certification with Avon’s C50 and FM12 masks. The newly certified combination of Blauer’s XRT suit and Avon’s respirators is fully eligible for Homeland Security grant funding.

Blauer’s WZ9435 XRT suit is a leading technology CBRN protective suit made with revolutionary GORE® CHEMPAK® selectively permeable fabric. When combined with approved respirators and footwear the suit protects the wearer against specified chemical warfare agents (CWAs), toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), and toxic industrial materials (TIMs) at concentration levels known to be below IDLH (immediately dangerous to life and health). The XRT suit is the latest in Blauer’s new generation of CBRN protective suits and is designed for missions that require unimpeded user mobility, extended wear requirements, and self-donning capabilities. The suit fabric is breathable to allow extended wear and seams are extra strong to prevent blowouts. The one-piece design can be self donned and does not require the use of chemical tape to achieve vapor protection.

Avon’s C50 and FM12 respirators are designed to give superior protection, comfort and weapons compatibility. Avon APR masks are engineered to provide superior peripheral vision and enhanced compatibility with weapons sights, which is an important factor for difficult environments where the user has to be able to fire a weapon accurately. Avon masks are quickly becoming the masks of preference for US military and civilian law enforcement agencies.

Blauer Manufacturing Company has been headquartered in Boston since 1936 and is a leading designer and manufacturer of public safety apparel and protective equipment (PPE). For more information on the Homeland Defender line of CBRN ensembles please visit .

For over 120 years, Avon Protection has been an innovator and engineering innovator in the field of respiratory protection and defense. With a strong emphasis on research and development Avon designs, tests and manufactures specialist products from a number of sites in the USA and UK, serving markets around the world.