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True North Introduces a New Line of Power Dry Base Layers

Seattle, WA – True North®, the makers of DragonFur® FR clothing, is introducing a new line of Power Dry® base layers. The new line combines moisture wicking, inherent FR and arc protection, with cutting-edge clothing design. The base layer and thermal lines are designed to keep workers safe and comfortable in every environment.

“We developed these new base layer pieces because our customers weren’t satisfied with what was available and kept asking us to provide a better solution that would not only keep workers safe but also dry and comfortable,” says Alyx Fier owner of True North.

The company spent considerable time researching fibers and yarns, then talked to mills all over the world about fabric design. The search led True North to Polartec®, who they partnered with to develop the optimal fabrics for moisture wicking, fast drying and FR protection.

The fabrics are made from a combination of fibers which are inherently flame resistant. Being inherently FR means that as long as you have the clothing it remains FR, unlike treated fabrics which lose their flame resistance after repeated washings. True North also selected fibers which feel soft and comfortable against the skin, and do the best job of moving moisture away from the body.

But, True North didn’t stop innovating with engineering the new fabric.

“High performance fabric is good, but it’s meaningless without designing a garment that can take full advantage of its possibilities. Kind of like putting high-performance racing tires on a Prius,” says owner Alyx Fier.

Drawing on roots in the outdoor industry the company created multi-panel garment designs that are shaped to the contours of the body to reduce binding, chaffing and bunching when you’re working hard.

“Safety is our top concern, but providing unmatched comfort is our goal – comforted afforded by how well the garment fits, and how dry you stay,” says Alyx Fier.

For now the company is wrapping up the design and testing of their initial base layers and thermal layers and will be rolling them out in early July. The designs that are specifically for hot weather use will be available by June. True North is also currently working on outerwear pieces using new fabrics that have been developed with Polartec and other partners. Look for announcements about those in the coming months.

About True North, LLC
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