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How to buy uniforms (eBook)

Download this FireRescue1 uniforms buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation


Besides turnout gear, the station uniform is the firefighter’s go-to apparel. Firefighters arrive to work in it, complete station duties and, when a call comes in, quickly don their turnout gear over the top.

Considering the amount of time firefighters spend in their uniforms, it’s easy to see why selecting apparel that enhances safety and comfort is key. Further, firefighters wear their uniforms in the community, representing the department, so it’s also important that the uniforms be professional-looking and easy to maintain for an ongoing sharp appearance.

This FireRescue1 How-to-Buy Guide for uniforms serves as a starting point for fire department personnel charged with researching and purchasing this go-to part of firefighter apparel.

Incuded in this guide:

  • Key considerations before buying
  • Questions to ask vendors
  • Company directory

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