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My Daddy is a Firefighter Children’s Book from wizards at draw a caricature of your face, your fire gear, and your fire engine, and then draw you in action, putting out fires, helping people escape burning buildings and teaching kids about fire safety. All you need to do is e-mail them a photograph of yourself when you place your order and they’ll transform your face into a hilarious cartoon look-a-like. The book is designed in board-book format, suitable for young children, ages 1 to 6. Each book also comes with a T-shirt for your child that says, “My Daddy is my Hero!” and shows Daddy smiling in his fire fighting gear. These products make a truly unique gift idea that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Featured in the Summer 2006 issue of Parents Baby Magazine as one of that year’s hottest new baby products, these custom board books have been a popular gift idea for baby’s first birthday, baby’s first Christmas, and Daddy’s first Father’s Day. Parents Baby Magazine wrote about this product, “…they put t this super fun board book that your little one can read with his Dad. Each page has Dad doing his Dad things and I’m telling you, the likeness to Dad is totally amazing. “

My Generations Custom Publishing is based near Toronto, Canada, and was created in 2003 by the wife of an 8-year police veteran. The look of delight and sheer wonder in her own kids’ faces at seeing Daddy’s cartoon face in their storybook was enough motivation to start the company, and launch her website,

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