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10 apps every firefighter should have

Stay up to speed on the latest mobile technology to help you do your job

Updated Dec. 28, 2016

By FireRescue1 Staff

From using your cellphone as a 911 alert system, to putting a medical database squarely in your pocket, mobile apps are changing the way firefighters operate in the field.

The smartphone technology, much of which is free, means critical information is at your fingertips — if you know where to look. We’ve rounded up some of the most useful apps for firefighters to help them stay up to speed on the latest tools out there.

And if we missed an app you rely on, let us know in the comments below.


Firehouse Scheduler tracks multiple custom schedules, vacation-day stats, sick-day stats and the ever-important trade/swap stats. Kelly Days, overtime and paydays can also be monitored. The app is designed with color coded days and the ability to create custom events with custom symbols. It’s available on Google Play and iTunes.


This fire application calculates both estimated needed fire flow required to extinguish a structure fire as well as calculate pump discharge pressures for various hand-lines and master streams in both standard and metric terms. The app is designed by drivers/operators to be used during emergency response or pre-planning to apply calculations to help control the fireground incident when it occurs. It’s available on iTunes.


Rescue Knots provides an at-your-finger-tips reference for tying 27 of the most popular and useful knots used in emergency situations. The graphics emphasize key steps and clearly show critical overlapping elements, arrows and other guides to help you understand complex knots. It’s available on iTunes.

4. ERG 2016

The Emergency Response Guidebook provides first responders with a go-to resource to help deal with hazmat incidents. The ERG contains an indexed list of dangerous goods and the associated ID number, the general hazards they pose and recommended safety precautions. It’s available on Google Play and iTunes.


PulsePoint AED was designed to build a growing registry of AEDs that can be used during cardiac emergencies. It’s designed to complement PulsePoint Respond — a mobile app that connects members of the public — aimed toward those who are CPR-trained with cardiac arrest victims so bystanders can locate the person having a medical emergency, as well as a nearby AED. It’s available on Google Play and iTunes.


Fire Accountability utilizes simple drag and drop technology to track crews. After selecting from one of dozens of structures type configurations, wildfire or dive rescue, the user will be taken to the accountability screen. This is where you will stay, until the conclusion of your incident. It’s available on Google Play and iTunes.


WISER (Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders) is designed to assist first responders in hazardous material incidents. The app extracts content from TOXNET’s Hazardous Substances Data Bank. It’s available on Google Play and iTunes.


The AskRail app is a hazardous materials safety tool for first responders who are first on scene or directly support the first on scene in the event of a rail incident. Access to certain features is restricted to authorized personnel. It’s available on Google Play and iTunes.


The app, a toolkit for firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, hazmat teams and other first responders, allows users to run reports, quickly snag GPS coordinates, track certifications, has CPR reference guidelines, practice quizzes, a major incident classification guide and more. It’s available on iTunes.


Here at FireRescue1, we created our own iPhone app that provides officers a free resource for breaking firefighter news and the entire archive of expert FR1 columnist articles. The app is designed for officers who are increasingly reliant on their mobile devices for accessing news and other resources while serving in the field. It’s available on iTunes.