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Gamewell-FCI Releases High-Tech Fire Alarm and Emergency Communications Monitoring, Control Tools

New Technologies Improve Monitoring, Maintenance and Emergency Response

NORTHFORD, Conn. -- Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell announces an expanded line of cutting-edge technologies, designed to simplify the complexities of monitoring and controlling one or more fire alarm and emergency communications systems (ECS) and speed emergency response. The FocalPoint® family of graphic workstations now includes a touchscreen monitor, high-speed desktop unit and two mobile tablets, all made to provide facility/security managers and first responders real-time information and systems control virtually anywhere. Download High-Res Images

Each FocalPoint unit provides bird’s-eye views down to floor-by-floor layouts of all monitored facilities and their fire alarm and ECS’ major components. These interactive displays automatically zero-in on devices in trouble or alarm, providing real-time information on the event and its location. Using FocalPoint, facility managers can easily troubleshoot system issues such as device tampering, and cleaning or replacement needs while security officials use it to quickly assess and respond to alarms or pinpoint repeat offenses.

Gamewell-FCI’s desktop FocalPoint graphic workstation provides a dynamic display featuring the enhanced graphic qualities and latest intuitive technology of a Windows® 7 operating system. The newest version offers virtual switches, capable of being programmed to perform as many as 512 control functions such as enable/disable of devices and the distribution of pre-recorded voice announcements to selectable facility areas. Facilities utilizing a Gamewell-FCI E3 Series® fire alarm system as the backbone for its ECS can utilize FocalPoint virtual switches to quickly broadcast emergency notifications such as weather hazards and intruder alerts or general announcements, including building closing times.

Download High-Res ImagesThe FocalPoint Touchscreen Monitor offers all of the same monitoring and control capabilities while saving space by eliminating the need for a keyboard and mouse. This wall-mountable unit provides real-time information as well as access to FocalPoint’s history log of events, all with the touch of a finger. Both desktop and touchscreen models can even be programmed to send immediate event reports via text or email to any mobile device.

To access real-time graphical and history log information on the go, two FocalPoint Mobile tablets are now available. Whether based in an office or Download High-Res Images docked in security and maintenance vehicles, these rugged, touchscreen tablets feature Intel® dual-core processors with as much as 120GB of storage and enhanced wireless capabilities to meet IEEE 802.11n - the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers’ (IEEE) latest wireless standard. New additions to FocalPoint Mobile’s security features include fingerprint readers and a Trusted Platform Module to fight external software attacks.

In response to customer requests, Gamewell-FCI has developed a second mobile unit, featuring a solid state hard drive with no moving parts. This heavy-duty unit’s greater shock-resistance makes it ideal for extreme environments such as industrial plants and military applications.

The ease of customizing any FocalPoint unit’s graphics, monitoring data and controls helps to ensure it meets the individual needs of each facility. For more comprehensive information on Gamewell-FCI’s fire alarm, emergency communications and FocalPoint systems, visit or contact a local representative.