HAAS Alert creates safer roads and smarter cities through fire department partnerships

CHICAGO— HAAS Alert, the leading provider of connected emergency vehicle safety solutions, announced today it is working with four fire departments across the United States to pilot its V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communication in fleets of city fire trucks. Engagements have led to safer streets and smarter, more connected transportation networks in Chicago, Grand Rapids, Mich., Detroit and Palo Alto, Calif., with more in the works.

Each year, there are an average of 60,000 traffic accidents involving emergency vehicles. In fact, firefighters are “more likely to die in a motor vehicle-related incident than during the course of a firefighting operation,” according to a 2014 FEMA study.

HAAS Alert’s solution utilizes an innovative V2V “safety cloud” to alert drivers of potential roadway hazards. Municipal police, fire and ambulance vehicles responding to emergencies are the first users of the HAAS Alert solution, with potential to expand to construction crews, utility workers, delivery trucks, tow trucks, or other groups that frequently obstruct road passing. In addition to partnering with municipal first responders, HAAS Alert has initiated pilot program outreach to private ambulance service providers, as well as with Ford and traffic information company Inrix to enable their preemptive safety notifications into more vehicles and more devices around the country.

“Being a first responder is a risky job, and our employees put their lives on the line every day. HAAS Alert is the digital siren of our connected world and that additional safety measure can mean all the difference during an emergency call,” said Captain Brad Brown of the Grand Rapids Fire Department. “By placing emergency alerts directly onto a person’s cell phone or a car’s mobile navigation, HAAS Alert is making drivers smarter, and as more vehicles connect to the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud, our city streets become smarter and connected.”

Working closely with emergency response teams, HAAS Alert has engineered solutions that integrate with existing emergency response technology. With the adoption of HAAS Alert, nearby motorists receive preemptive alerts when emergency response vehicles are approaching or at an emergency location. By enabling direct, V2V communication the company is utilizing the ubiquitous mobile networks to solve the first hurdle of smart, connected cities, getting alerts inside of vehicles.

“Distracted drivers, combined with consumer vehicles that are more insulated from outside sound, are a huge problem for emergency vehicles that need a clear path to navigate roadways safely and quickly,” said Noah Levens, HAAS Alert COO.

HAAS Alert is constantly expanding their influence in both the consumer and municipal realms, including winning awards such as Fortune’s Top Ten Automotive Startups during the recent LA Auto Show, and being chosen for the Seamless and Techstars accelerator programs in Grand Rapids and Detroit. HAAS Alert aims to expand into forty cities in the next 12 months.

About HAAS Alert
HAAS Alert is a DaaS provider, partnering with municipalities, fire and police departments and ambulance services to keep their first responders safe on the roads and provide motorists with information about oncoming emergency vehicles as well as other roadway hazards. HAAS Alert is based in Chicago and Detroit. More at https://www.haasalert.com.

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