IAED releases Performance Standards 10th Edition

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The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED™) ED-Q Council of Standards has approved the release of Performance Standards 10th Edition, an updated version of performance requirements for all medical, fire, and police emergency calltaking. These new standards are integrated seamlessly into AQUA® 7 Ascent and will enhance a communication center’s ability to review cases and manage the quality assurance (QA) process. Standards 10 is the result of more than two years of feedback and input from members across the world desiring a more positive approach to quality review.

While in the past communication center QA professionals, called ED-Qs, have used the Performance Standards to identify deviations from protocol, Standards 10 helps management assess overall calltaking performance of emergency dispatchers. By using Standards 10, managers can employ a more positive approach to quality assurance by delivering feedback using a strengths-based approach. Brian Dale, Associate Director of Medical Control and Quality Processes for the IAED, said, “Standards 10 makes it possible for management, ED-Qs, and emergency dispatchers to focus on improving the system, both of the calltakers and the software they’re using. Our feedback at NAVIGATOR was very positive, and we’re excited for everyone to begin using Standards 10.”

ED-Qs will benefit from the shorter, more succinct Standards that enable calls to be reviewed more efficiently, quickly, and accurately. Due to new research, these standards reduce call review requirements in most agencies, which ED-Qs will also appreciate.

Emergency dispatchers will also welcome the introduction of Standards 10. Previous versions required ED-Qs to emphasize minor emergency calltaking mistakes, often leading to low morale in the communication center where emergency dispatchers are already tasked with a high-pressure, stressful job. In some cases, the review process could strain relationships between emergency dispatchers and management. Standards 10 will help balance these negative feelings by also acknowledging the positive performance and excellent work of emergency dispatchers.

For more information about Standards 10 and the IAED, visit For more information about how AQUA 7 Ascent can improve your center’s review process, visit

About the IAED
The IAED is the world’s foremost standard-setting and certification organization for emergency communications with over 64,000 members in 46 countries. More than 3,600 communication centers in 23 languages employ IAED’s protocols and training in medical, fire, police, and nurse triage dispatching.

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