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Avcomm “FREEDOM” Wireless Headset Vegas, NV -- Avcomm International, Inc., the nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of state of the art noise reduction headsets, intercoms, radios and communications systems for Aviation, Safety, Racing and Industrial applications, is proud to announce the innovative FREEDOM Wireless Headset.

Other wireless headsets under development cannot match the Freedom Wireless Headset’s 300-500 foot range, and NO other headset comes close to the noise reduction capability, and clarity, of the FREEDOM Wireless Headset.

Available in both Behind the Head and Over the Head styles, the versatile FREEDOM Wireless Headset is designed for use in multiple applications, including railroads, fire/public safety, military, racing, agriculture, heavy industry and aviation, particularly ground crew.

The FREEDOM Wireless Headset can be used with VOIP, cell phones, longer range mobile radios, as well as 2-way radios. Can you say “versatile?

The FREEDOM Wireless Headset has passed exhaustive, extensive testing under real world conditions, with flying colors.

What are professionals saying after testing the FREEDOM Wireless Headset?....

“What functionality”
“Clarity is incredible”
“I can’t believe I’m hearing you this far away”
“Boy, these headsets are comfortable”
“Geez, look at these wireless headsets versus those old DC wired headsets over there”
“After the tests, I have decided to replace the wired headsets in all my existing trucks”

Applications include Fire, Public Safety, Rescue, Military, Industrial, Aviation Ground Crew, Railway, Forestry, Construction, etc., etc.

Don’t you have an application that would benefit from “wireless?”

Contact your nearest Avcomm dealer today or call Avcomm directly at 800-845-7541. Visit us on the internet at

A V C O M M….you can hear the difference.

AVCOMM “FREEDOM” Wireless Headset System Features

Bluetooth Features

  1. Bluetooth Transmission : Class 1
  2. Bluetooth version : 2.0
  3. Range : 300 Ft typical (free space)
  4. Frequency : 2.400 – 2.485 GHz
  5. Max Transmit Power +6dBm
  6. Min Transmit Power -27dBm
  7. Receive Sensitivity Better than -86dB

Wireless Headset Features

  1. Rugged Design for Industrial Professional Applications
  2. Comfort Gel Ear Seal
  3. Splash Proof ( will work in raining environment)
  4. Auto Power Shut Off with inactive application
  5. Easy Pairing Process
  6. Auto Reconnect when the unit is in the range
  7. Battery Life : 24 hours .
  8. Battery Charging time : 3 hours
  9. Dual color LED for battery level and connection state
  10. Tone alert for low battery and battery state
  11. Replaceable Li-Ion battery
  12. Available in both Over the Head and Behind the Head applications

Wireless Dongle Features

  • Rugged Aluminum Extrusion Design
  • Wide Power Supply Range : 6 ~ 35V
  • DNR® to reduce noise
  • Easy Pairing Process
  • RP-SMA antenna connector for easy antenna connection
  • Mini XLR connector for universal interface for most fire engine intercom systems