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C4i Incorporates Tetra Capabilities and Wins New Contract

RESTON, Va. - C4i’s continues to demonstrate its commitment to meeting customer needs by integrating Tetra communications technology to its award-winning SwitchplusIP® communications systems. Tetra is a viable alternative to P25 and DMR; and due to the number of entities that provide subscriber equipment, it can lead to lower-cost solutions.

C4i’s SwitchplusIP® VoIP system will provide seamless interoperable communications to users of various analog and digital communications devices, including a Tetra digital radio system from DAMM, conventional analog radios, mobile phones, intercoms and other telephony. Additionally, the system will provide Unit ID, status, messaging and position information gained from the Tetra radio handsets to provide geographical location of assets in the field on the operator consoles. SwitchplusIP® is ideally suited to this type of complex, geographically distributed application.

In fact, C4i recently won the contract to supply its advanced SwitchplusIP® mission critical communication system for the APLNG (Australian Pacific; Liquefied Natural Gas) project in Queensland. The project involves the delivery of C4i’s world leading end-to-end SwitchplusIP® VoIP technology to connect operators in the Brisbane central control room to both plant personnel located at coal seam gas extraction sites and at strategic sites along the 324-mile pipeline.

This project further enhances the SwitchplusIP® product by providing tighter integration to emerging IP and digital radio technologies such as Tetra, P25, DMR and ICAO and software defined radio suites. C4i’s SwitchplusIP® product team is continually advancing the SwitchplusIP® solution to support these technologies, while continuing to support legacy technologies ensuring “interoperability” in its key markets of mission critical communications.

“C4i is pleased to be one of the first to integrate with the DAMM Tetra flex solution at this level”, said Peter Harrison, Managing Director at C4i. “Our ongoing product development program allows our business to look at new markets where we can apply our proven distributed mission critical solutions. This product approach allows C4i to successfully deliver solutions across a variety of vertical markets where each of these markets can benefit from capabilities that were initially developed for other markets,” said Harrison.

C4i’s SwitchplusIP® remains at the forefront of communications technology; already a generation ahead of most competitors, the inclusion of the DAMM Tetraflex solution for the APLNG project is yet another example of our commitment to maintaining this capability.

Over the years, C4i have provided many mission critical solutions for industries operating in high availability environments. These state-of-the-art solutions provide essential interoperability between typically stove-piped communications technology, which greatly improves safety and operational efficiency.

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