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City of Boston selects Genasys Protect to power its preparedness and emergency communication

Advanced Protective Communications Platform Helps to Safeguard Millions of Boston Residents and Visitors

SAN DIEGO – Genasys, the global leader in protective communications solutions, today announced the City of Boston replaced its mass notification system and has deployed Genasys Protect™, the first Protective Communications platform, to help keep its residents and the nearly 23 million visitors coming to Boston each year informed about city infrastructure updates and improvements and protect them against severe weather-related and other critical events.

Genasys breaks down the barrier between stakeholders, constituents, and employees by providing one platform that allows for real-time critical collaboration between all departments and the community through a unified, customizable, cloud-based dashboard, reporting, and notification system. The proposed Genasys solution will allow the City of Boston to send emergency and non-emergency notifications to specific geographic areas, citizen lists and staff through single or multiple communication channels, in a quick and effective manner.

“As one of the most vibrant global cities, Boston is not only known as the cradle of the union, but also as one of the most budding cultural, educational, and sports hubs of the world,” said Paul Neyman, VP of Sales, Genasys. “Genasys is excited to provide the advanced public safety platform which provides geo-targeted segments to improve emergency planning efforts, effectively communicate at a more granular level and manage evacuation operations, if needed, especially in more densely populated neighborhoods.

The City of Boston joins the Boston Red Sox and over 500 cities, counties, and states in the U.S. – including 35 of 58 counties in California – who leverage the Genasys Protect software and systems for their advanced preparedness and response. By bridging the communications and planning gaps between emergency managers, police, fire, and the community, Genasys Protect empowers them with the following capabilities:

  • Precise zoning of communities: Boston Emergency teams can map out precise geographic neighborhoods within their jurisdiction and have the command and control functions to modify specific areas and segments to prioritize them during notifications and evacuations.
  • Unified operating picture: Distilling simplicity from complexity, first responders benefit from real-time data feeds, aggregated trusted data from NOAA, unified into a single command and control system that emergency response personnel can share.
  • Targeted multi-channel alert saturation: Emergency managers can blanket response zones with location-appropriate messaging to inform or evacuate people out of harm’s way quickly and efficiently with context and geography-specific messaging. Pre-established notification channels and notification alerts ensure the right people get the right message, simultaneously delivering notifications across personal devices, media platforms (TV, radio, and social media), and installed or proprietary devices.
  • One platform for all critical communications and evacuation management: Genasys is also the only vendor to offer a dynamic evacuation management platform that integrates with mass notification. Our ability to bridge the communications gap between OEM, police, fire, and the community sets us apart from the competition.

“Our mission is to save lives with tools that help communities and first responders effectively plan, communicate, and coordinate before, during, and after critical events,” said Richard Danforth, CEO, Genasys. “We are proud to offer reliable and modern technology to respond to any crises with direct collaboration between agencies, jurisdictions, enterprises and states. With the City of Boston and the Boston Red Sox using the same common planning and response technology, Boston residents and visitors benefit from their collective expertise and have the latest updates direct from an authoritative source through the Genasys solution.”

About Genasys Inc.

Genasys Inc. (NASDAQ: GNSS) is the global leader in Protective Communications Solutions and Systems, designed around one premise: ensuring organizations and public safety agencies are “Ready when it matters™.” The company provides the Genasys Protect platform, the most comprehensive portfolio of preparedness, response, and analytics software and systems, as well as Genasys Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD®) that deliver directed, audible voice messages with intelligible vocal clarity from close range to 5,500 meters.

Genasys serves state and local governmental agencies, and education (SLED); enterprise organizations in critical sectors such as oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, and automotive; and federal governments and the military. Genasys Protective Communications Solutions have diverse applications, including emergency warning and mass notification for public safety, critical event management for enterprise companies, de-escalation for defense and law enforcement, and automated detection of real-time threats like active shooters and severe weather. Today Genasys protects over 70 million people globally and is used in more than 100 countries, including more than 500 cities, counties, and states in the U.S. For more information, visit