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EPR Systems and Pulsara® integrate to improve patient data integrity and EMS care delivery

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The integration brings data captured in Pulsara’s communication platform into EPR’s MedicWorks ePCR, improving team communication and reducing time on task.

BOZEMAN, Mont., — EPR Systems, Inc. and Pulsara join together to streamline patient care data exchange, bringing critical information to first responders on scene. Pulsara’s communication and logistics platform enables EMS and hospital staff to instantly communicate event-based patient information, including one-tap team notifications, image sharing, audio/video calls, and ETA alerts, all on a single app. EPR Systems MedicWorks electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) platform provides first responders the interface to capture and record HIPAA-compliant patient data customized to their organization’s requirements.

“EPR Systems is a customer-focused company, and when one of our Texas customers asked for a Pulsara integration with EPR’s MedicWorks ePCR, we jumped at the opportunity to integrate with Pulsara, who was extremely helpful and welcomed our two systems working together,” says Jeff Jacobson, EPR’s Director of Business Development and 22-year firefighter paramedic. “Connecting these two platforms puts the power in the hands of the responder and healthcare team to deliver urgent care based on accurate data sharing. The integration eliminates dual data entry, which decreases data entry errors and creates a single point of communication—it creates the ‘data hygiene’ responders and healthcare teams need to do their job efficiently and deliver the immediate care patients need.”

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Often, EMS and first responder organizations rely on multiple software platforms and medical devices that do not integrate or “talk to each other.” When they do, the connectivity can be cumbersome. Medical information captured on scene during an emergency situation can be simply communicated to the medical care team, transport, hospital, or specialty care facility through Pulsara. Seamless and reliable data access is critical to the ability of the medical teams to deliver timely care to the patient. The Pulsara and MedicWorks integration facilitates access to this data, putting the right tools in the hands of first responders, EMTs, and paramedics.

“As the growth of EMS expands into better meeting the needs of the community with Community Paramedicine and Mobile Integrated Health, the integration between Pulsara and EPR just makes sense,” shared CEO and Founder of Pulsara, James Woodson, MD. “It has been a pleasure working with EPR to better serve our customers. Getting the right information to the right team members at the right time ultimately benefits the patient and simplifies the complex work of the clinical staff.”

The new integration with Pulsara empowers organizations using MedicWorks to directly connect and share critical patient data in real time with more medical facilities and care teams, creating a more stable continuum of care. Responders can quickly start a case, share important data like ECG feeds, images or messages from the field, and receive instant feedback. For EPR MedicWorks users, patient data can be stored and consumed at multiple points in time, enabling responders to return to a patient’s case and augment the patient’s file with catheterization lab or operating room data so care progress and outcomes are recorded.

Dr. Paul Banerjee, Medical Director at Polk County Fire Rescue says, “EPR Systems’ [FireWorks] has enabled multiple seamless integrations with the patient care report writing system, creating a better workflow for our crews.” He continued, “Polk County Fire Rescue has [used] Pulsara for over five years now, and its use significantly lowered our treatment times for our heart and stroke patients.”

Organizations who use EPR’s MedicWorks ePCR with the new Pulsara integration will now benefit from reduced time on task and receive clean data from the prehospital notification into the patient care report file stored in the MedicWorks ePCR. No longer will responders or healthcare teams question duplicate or erroneous data when delivering care to a patient—they will be able to use the data provided through Pulsara to save time and deliver the right care to the patient.

For more information about Pulsara and the EPR Systems’ MedicWorks integration, contact us at or call 877-903-5642.

About EPR Systems, Inc.


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EPR Systems, Inc. provides cloud-based software solutions to emergency medical responders and fire agencies across the US. EPR offers four platforms that integrate together for turnkey agency solutions:

  • EPR FireWorks Records Management System (RMS)
  • MedicWorks Electronic Patient Care Reports (ePCR)
  • LMSWorks Learning Management System (LMS) for internal training and certification
  • CommunityWorks Community-Fire Department Portal to connect the community with a city’s fire department billing and permitting requests.

EPR is known for its customizations, broad integrations and zero-loss data migration as well as outstanding customer service. Visit for more information.

About Pulsara, Inc.


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It’s about people. During the most critical moments in life, Pulsara unites distributed teams and fragmented technologies as dynamic events evolve on a scalable communications and logistics platform, improving the lives of people in need and those who serve them.

We envision a world where needless suffering is eliminated because communities can unite and communicate without friction. Customers report per-facility reductions in treatment between 22% to 68% when using Pulsara, the evidence-based standard of care. For more information, visit