Learn How Earmark's Radio Communication Systems Can Assist in Hazardous Materials Response

"The reliability and clarity of Earmark Speaker Mic (ESM) was exceptional," says Donald G. Bennett of the Fairfield Fire Department. "As part of the scheduled 1997 Capital Improvement Program, we strived to reevaluate our communications needs and to identify new products for the fire services. We contacted Earmark for a free trial of their SAC mic and ESM combination. ESM was easy to use. The SAC mic sticks to the hard lens of the SCBA mask and picks up voice vibrations. Slipping the SAC mic connector into the ESM activates the mask mic. Removing the connector returns the system to regular speaker mic status. Your voice is transmitted through your mask, into the ESM. When you push the PTT switch, your message is sent over your hand held radio to everyone who needs to hear it. We tested the Earmark Speaker Mic (ESM) and SAC mic is several environments and applications and each time, performance surpassed our expectations. The reliability and the clarity of the ESM voice transmission was exceptional."

"Not only did we find a reliable piece of equipment, we found one that is cost effective as well. The Earmark product did not require special radio interface and did not prohibit routine use of the portable radio. ESM eliminates the need for an additional radio in each apparatus."

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