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OCENS Adds the Hughes 9202 BGAN Terminal to Its Rental Fleet

Seattle, WA — OCENS Inc. of Seattle, WA recently added the new Hughes 9202 BGAN terminal to its already extensive satellite phone and BGAN rental fleet. The 9202 was released by Hughes this year and is the newest Inmarsat BGAN terminal on the market. BGAN uses the Inmarsat satellite network to provide a high speed internet and simultaneous voice connection with coverage virtually anywhere in the world between 60N and 60S latitudes.

The Hughes 9202 is the ideal solution for a traveler or worker who will need an internet connection wherever he may find himself but also needs to pack as light as possible. With simply a 9202 and a smartphone or tablet, you can have a mobile internet and voice connection virtually anywhere you go.

The next generation 9202 inherited many great features from Hughes’ previous flagship terminal, the 9201, only the designers streamlined it and packed it into a form factor that is about half the weight and size. Hughes also added an analog RJ11 port so you can connect any analog POTS handset to make calls. The new UI (User Interface) is sleek and user friendly and the browser-based interface is also mobile and tablet friendly. With the 9202, the cryptic LED light strip of the 9201 was exchanged for a user-friendly backlit LCD display that allows you to access the entire settings menu.

Popular features that were passed down from the 9201 include onboard WiFi, a built in compass, audible pointing, a high capacity lithium-ion battery, and ISDN capabilities.

Where the 9201 is a Class 1 terminal, it has a maximum throughput on a standard IP connection of 492 kbps. The 9202, a Class 2 terminal is limited to 464 kbps, albeit a negligible difference in speed. A Class 1 terminal, however, can provide the full spectrum of Inmarsat’s streaming (dedicated bandwidth) service which is up to 384 kbps. The 9202 is limited to 128 kbps streaming. For most users, though, this is an easy trade-off for having a terminal that is 50% smaller.

The 9202 rental package comes standard with a watertight Pelican case, AC charger with international adapters, cat5 network cable, and quick-guide instructions. Optional rental accessories include a compact analog handset and DC car charger. Prepaid data airtime is available in 20, 40, and 100MB bundles as well as pay-as-you-go. OCENS can ship same day to anywhere in the world.

OCENS was one of the first service providers to offer the 9202 terminal as a rental option, and like the rest of its product line, boasts very competitive pricing and outstanding customer support.

OCENS is a provider of a broad range of fixed and mobile satellite communications solutions for industries such as mining and exploration, oil and gas, forestry, wildland firefighting, business continuity / disaster recovery, broadcasting, emergency response, military and private security, as well as leisure activities such as overland travel, hunting, adventure sports, and maritime. Products and services include mobile satellite phones and hotspots, asset and personnel tracking, SCADA, backup communications, VoIP, network controls and metering, web and email compression, and weather services. OCENS tailors complete solutions to meet the customer’s specific needs and offers consistent support to the end-user throughout the use of its products and services.