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Pryme pioneers more new patent pending products

Introducing patent pending GPS Mic, Wireless Remote PTT Speaker Mic, & Bluetooth Adapters

Pryme® Radio Products has one over-riding belief: If they invent, design and build professional-grade two-way radio accessories themselves, then they can guarantee it’s the absolute best value. To that end, over the last 20 years they’ve developed over 8,000 products and hold many worldwide patents.

One of Pryme’s latest innovations is the WTX-4100 Series of flexible platform mics which are ruggedized, waterproof, and IP Rated. There are three levels of platform mics from a standard speaker mic now with a new big push-to-talk button on the front for gloved hands, to a remote wireless PTT mic with a handy finger button that can be attached almost anywhere for covert situations, to a GPS mic. No one else make a GPS mic that’s comparable. The list of impressive features includes: Its features include: its own modem; functions as both a remote speaker mic and a highly pinpointed GPS location device; offers multiple reporting modes to automatically send out your employee locations and can save millions in redundant manpower; it even comes with free tracking software; and more. The new GPS-4100 GPS mic can be connected to almost any professional handheld radio using one of Pryme’s “QD Adapters”, making it easy to move the GPS mic to another radio model and saving thousands in unnecessary microphone purchases. Finally to make the system complete. Pryme has also developed a special version of its famous GPS mic, called the “GPS Box”, especially for use on Mobile Radios.

Another major new release is the PRYMEBLU® Bluetooth Adapters. Designed for use with Motorola radios, and soon other brands, Pryme’s is the first for the Motorola TRBO® (Motorola TM). PRYMEBLU adapters can be used with standard off-the-shelf Bluetooth headsets and remember paired connections even if the radio is turned off. They even allow users to link multiple devices to a single headset, such as your two-way radio and your cell phone. If the radio device has priority, you’ll never miss a call. The “never-miss-a-call” feature also applies in the event of a headset link failure. Pryme’s patent-pending “Smart Switch” ensures the device automatically reverts to normal radio operation.

The PRYMEBLU Adapters are popular in several sectors: Law enforcement personnel can use for courtroom duty so they can monitor without disruption; hotel managers can wear a Bluetooth device rather than a lapel microphone; undercover officers can use the Bluetooth device instead of a corded surveillance earpiece so it’s easier to blend in; a warehouse worker can link his two-way first and his MP3 player second, in order to hear music during downtimes without missing any radio calls. The adapter also features the Pryme QD™ Quick Disconnect that lets users easily attach other devices to the Bluetooth adapter. For example, firefighters can attach a throat microphone. But once unplugged, the Bluetooth adapter automatically switches back to normal operation, without turning the radio off and on.
Dave George, President of Pryme puts it this way: “We like to invent new things. When you invent, you’re responding to the market. For example, our customers were asking for high-quality GPS microphones and Bluetooth adapters. And if a customer needs something unique and special, we can do that too. We’re famous for doing custom work.”

For more information go to Pryme Radio’s website at to watch their new product videos.