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Swissphone webinar on The Economics of Alerting now available on demand


As U.S. first responder services prepare to migrate to Project 25 for voice communications and with FirstNet on the horizon, it is critical to determine which alerting option is the most viable. Besides reliability, availability and coverage, economic considerations need to be taken into account.

This webinar gives an overview of these criteria, with a special focus on their economics, and the choice between P25 paging, FirstNet and Swissphone’s DiCal solution.

What you’ll learn:
• The factors that drive the economics of your alerting solution
• Tips to apply to AFG for your paging grant projects
• How Swissphone can support the grant process through its FireGrantsHelp partnership
• The impact of NFPA 1221 both for successful grant application and improved ISO ratings

Watch the on-demand free webinar HERE.

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