Tango Tango changes the way firefighters hear a call with new "First Response Tones" release

HUNTSVILLE, Ala -- Tango Tango, a provider of secure group communication services for public safety, announced the release of “First Response Tones”, its latest feature-set to enhance notifications for firefighters using the Tango Tango app.

First Response Tones decodes two-tone audio sequences sent over an agency’s radio or pager channel and sends both text and dispatcher audio notifications to station-specific talk-groups. This ability eliminates unnecessary traffic that is sent to each station, raising critical calls to the forefront of communication and reducing emergency response times. 

Enabling firefighters and other personnel to hear alerts specifically targeted to their station, First Response Tones works directly with smartphones, eliminating the need for additional equipment such as pagers and walkie talkies, which many fire departments struggle to afford. Combined with Tango Tango’s LMR (Land Mobile Radio) integrated PTT (Push-To-Talk) app, firefighters can now receive emergency notifications regardless of whether or not they have a department-issued device or if they are in radio range.

“First Response Tones brings a unique solution to firefighters, allowing them to receive both targeted alerts and communicate on their radio system, all from a single smartphone app,” said Beck Mitchell, Tango Tango VP of Sales. “This service will eliminate several communication challenges associated with pager expense and coverage area, migration to digital radio systems and VHF narrowbanding. With preliminary feedback being overwhelmingly positive, we’re certain this feature will continue to improve public safety communications.”

So far, First Response Tones has only been available to select departments as Tango Tango prepared for a widespread release, and reception has been overwhelmingly positive. "Clark County Emergency responders have been excited about Tango Tango’s enhancements,” says Chief Jeremy Wellnitz of Clark City Police Department in Clark, South Dakota. “The new Tones capability allows our emergency responders to use the app as a pager and only hear their specific department’s tone, while still using the app as a radio.” 

Department heads on the opposite side of the country had similar opinions. 

“The new tone decoding works perfectly. At night, my crew can now use this feature so we don't hear all the calls from other parts of the county,” said Chief Tim Butler of Lay Lake Volunteer Fire Department in Childersburg, Alabama. “I’m very happy with Tango Tango and am about to add more of my firemen to the service.”

First Response Tones is now available to current Tango Tango customers; for more information to upgrade or to begin a free, 30-day trial, contact Tango Tango at 888.826.4607 or email them at

About Tango Tango

Tango Tango aims to be the best voice communication service for first responders and businesses nationwide, ensuring the safety and efficiency through the use of innovative technology. Using encrypted push-to-talk voice, GPS location services, emergency alerting, recording, fire tones, and text/multimedia messaging, it enhances team communication in life-threatening situations. The FirstNet Certified platform integrates existing two-way radio networks to the Internet, extending communications for first responders. Available in all 50 states, Tango Tango manages more than 50,000 calls per day for active departments in 43 states, and is changing the public safety communications industry. To learn more, visit Tango Tango at 


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