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The Rocket by Utility Inc., Provides Enterprise-Class Security for Situational Awareness

Atlanta — Utility Inc. offers the Rocket, a secure and reliable high-speed mobile communications gateway, to provide organizations with the situational awareness they need on the frontlines.

More than just a rugged Wi-Fi mobile hot spot, the Rocket is a secure broadband appliance that provides a universal communications platform for any police, fire, or EMS vehicle—leveraging one cellular data plan for all vehicle information communications needs. The Rocket seamlessly interfaces with the latest generation of GPS, RFID and on-board diagnostic and navigation mobile applications using hard-wired connections, or WPA2 wireless security with AES encryption. EAP-TLS Radius authentication and IPSEC VPN are fully supported.

Every Rocket is delivered with an active firewall and uses Network Address Translation to protect all attached devices. By default, there is no external pathway to connected devices. Simply put, the default security settings do not allow connections to the Rocket’s local private network from the cellular network.

The Rocket is a fully functional router, like any enterprise-class router from Cisco, Juniper Networks and other router manufacturers. The Rocket can be configured to provide virtually any routing capability, but is optimized for the mobile environment. Unlike other routers, the Rocket’s local configuration pages are purposely limited to prevent rogue local changes that might compromise security. Network administrators, however, have immediate access to any difference between the authorized standard configuration and the actual configuration on any Rocket, whether the configuration change is made in the field or “over the air” using Utility’s Remote Configuration Management (RCM) application.

RCM is a platform for mobile router standardization and promotes security best practices throughout the enterprise. RCM’s centralized administration includes a full audit trail of all configuration settings and change history to every Rocket across the enterprise. “Over the air” RCM software is an automated tool, allowing distribution and management of security credentials, certificates, VPN parameters and port-forwarding rules across the fleet.

“We have been providing secure, reliable mobile resource management solutions to leading utilities and first responders for a decade,” said Ted Davis, president and co-founder of Utility, Inc. “We take great measures to ensure the security of our Rocket. We provide our customers with an exceptional mobile router. Of course, our customers also need to implement security best practices for all devices connected to the Rocket to ensure a totally secure mobile network.”

About Utility, Inc.

Utility, Inc. develops and manufactures communications hardware and services that allow first responder organizations and utilities to effectively command, control and support mobile field operations. The company’s solutions deliver real-time access to virtually any mobile asset, providing a unified operating picture for safely locating, tracking and managing all aspects of mobile field operations. Unlike other tools that provide one facet of mobile asset management, Utility brings it all together in one cost-effective, enterprise view, showing the location and status of everything from tools to vehicles and personnel.

Utility’s MIL-STD 810F certified communications hardware is manufactured in the United States at its Tucker, Ga., manufacturing facility. All software development and support is provided by U.S. citizens from the company’s Georgia office.