Case Study: Cherry Hill Fire Department and ePro Scheduler

By eCore Software

Some time ago, Cherry Hill FD scheduling was done on excel spreadsheets and paper, which were sent out each month by email with updates manually entered as necessary. Time keeping was tracked on a paper sign in sheet and was collected on a weekly basis. We needed a product that would produce real time scheduling and up-to-date schedule information for our employees. Also, we were looking for a system with better record keeping processes, accountability of hours worked, and over time management.

We had a couple of top priorities when searching for an employee scheduling system. The ease of being web based, the real time schedule changes, and to make it easier on the supervisors who are creating the schedules and filling the open shifts. Secondly, we needed the ability to pull reports and see if we are within the overtime budget while maintaining a consistent and fair schedule. We chose ePro Scheduler because of the customer service and friendliness of the staff, the ease of the system, the fact that the company was willing to help create a database to work for us, and the price was right!

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