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Saint Michael’s College Fire and Rescue Replaces Outdated Workforce Management Software with Aladtec

BURLINGTON, Vt. — Software companies who do not strive to continually improve their product and add new features risk losing customers. “We used an online scheduling software program for about seven to eight years, but there were a lot of technical issues and it just seemed out of date. The software provider couldn’t keep-up with our needs,” states Leslie Lindquist, Rescue Chief, Saint Michael’s College Fire and Rescue, Colchester, Vermont.

This 75-member independent volunteer student run organization needed a better workforce management software system - yet also one which fit their group’s budget. “One of our alumni members was using Aladtec at another service and she knew we were not happy with our current scheduling and workforce management system,” Lindquist explained. “She gave Aladtec rave reviews and we got in touch with a sales representative.”

Aladtec met their staff scheduling requirements and offered them a number of other system features to improve processes in their department.

“We love just how much the program can do and how easy it is to use - especially the trade and shift giveaway capability,” Lindquist said. “Before, we were using multiple programs, and each had a separate cost. We had individual software programs for scheduling, calendars, equipment and maintenance tracking. Aladtec has everything we need all in one place at a fair price. We have also moved our office forms online to our Aladtec system. We track equipment and vehicle maintenance, incident reports, emergency medical card information for our staff, and daily driver checks.”

The Aladtec system is specifically designed for Public Safety Agencies. Because of this sector’s need for 24/7 staffing, Aladtec’s mobility is a must-have feature. It’s accessible from any computer, smartphone or other mobile device.

“We are a collegiate organization with a young demographic. The interface with mobile devices for shift information, trades and other scheduling needs is very helpful. The members are always on their phones and are much more likely to answer a text then an email,” adds Lindquist. “Aladtec is a powerful program but is also very easy to use. The attentiveness from their support staff has been excellent.”

About Saint Michael’s College Fire and Rescue
Located in Colchester, a suburb of Burlington, Vermont’s most populous municipality, Saint Michael’s Fire and Rescue is proudly staffed and managed by members of the Saint Michael’s College community. In addition to the student’s day-to-day academic and extracurricular responsibilities, they have the responsibility of serving the community through fire protection and emergency medical treatment. The crews respond to calls on campus, as well as through the broad area of Vermont’s most populated Chittenden County. With the dedication and support of Saint Michael’s students, alumni, and staff volunteers, they’ve continued to serve 24 hours a day, year round, since 1969. For more information on this agency, visit:

About Aladtec
Aladtec proudly provides online employee scheduling and workforce management software to over 1,800 organizations, primarily within the Public Safety Sector. These customers count on Aladtec every day to help them save time and improve efficiency. For information about Aladtec’s affordable industry specific options, or to try a free demo, please visit