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Ambulance patient off-load time enhances Continuum®

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LAKEVILLE, Minn. — ImageTrend, Inc. announced that Continuum® now offers Active Data Monitoring™ for ambulance patient off-load times (APOT). This provides organizations with targeted dashboards and alerts, which can assist in determining efficiencies related to hospital turn-around time.

Resource availability is vital for the EMS community. Monitoring APOT is an integral factor that can drive overall organizational efficiency, improve patient satisfaction, and free up crews for their next patient. Continuum has the ability to discover outliers, such as extended off-load times, which allows agencies to address factors affecting delays.

“Monitoring ambulance patient off-load times is about maximizing resource availability to better serve the community,” says Morgan Anderson, Epidemiologist at ImageTrend, Inc. “APOT can be effortlessly monitored with Continuum to provide insight into operational efficiencies that can impact patient care.”

With Continuum’s near real-time visual dashboards and alerts, organizations can get their data when and how they want it. Pre-defined or modifiable dashboards and monitors allow for information that can provide opportunities such as informed decision making, improved patient care and agency efficiency. This Active Data Monitoring solution gives a visual report card for how their agency is doing at any given moment. To learn more about ImageTrend Continuum, visit

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