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HG2 Emergency Lighting announces new sales & service location in South Florida

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. — HG2 Emergency Lighting, premier emergency lighting manufacturer, opened a new sales & service location in Pembroke Pines, Florida early May 2017.

HG2 Emergency Lighting, known throughout the law enforcement, first responder and road side industries as a manufacturer of innovative emergency vehicle lighting, opened their own upfitting super facility location in South Florida after public demand from agencies created stir for a quality upfitter in the area.

The new location will be a “one-stop shop for all law enforcement and fleet installation needs. Our customers will finally get the service they deserve,” said Ali Bhojani, HG2’s Director of Operations and Sales.

The new facility is expected to service Broward, Dade, Monroe, Palm Beach and the surrounding southern Florida counties as demand for HG2 quality technicians and products is on the rise. The new facility will be an addition to the three locations that currently service Central Florida.

With the new facility, reminders of HG2 Emergency Lighting’s past are brought up. HG2 Emergency Lighting’s roots stem from their sister company, Audio Excellence, which acted as an upfitter for fleet and law enforcement for over 40 years. After decades of research and development, HG2 CEO Monsour Baker invented and patented the first ever side visibility lighting system for law enforcement and fleet vehicles, the HG2 Side Runners™, in 2010. He continues to revolutionize the emergency lighting industry with the most unique safety equipment to keep those who serve us safe.

HG2 continues to revolutionize the industry, manufacturing a superior line of USA-made products which are now a staple for safety on all law enforcement vehicles. The family owned and operated manufacturing company comes full circle with the addition of the multiple outfitting facilities.

This is only the first in several new ventures HG2 Emergency Lighting is undertaking in the coming months, as widespread talk of new proprietary technology is set to release before the year is out.

The new facility is located at 20962 Sheridan Street Pembroke Pines, FL 33332 You can find out more from their website

About HG2 Emergency Lighting
HG2 Emergency Lighting designs, engineers and manufactures an innovative product line of lighting and controls for professional emergency responders, utility and service fleets, aviation ground services and construction vehicles. With a 25-year history in the automotive and lighting industry, HG2 Emergency Lighting is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.