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Intterra announces new functionality in its first responder reporting and analytics product


Intterra’s new Agency Incidents Dashboard.

Photo via Interra

Intterra’s industry-leading analytics tool gets new dashboards, further enhancing agency command staff’s visibility in the field.

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. - Intterra announces the release of two new dashboards to all existing Reporting & Analytics product customers: Agency Incidents and Turnout & Travel Over Time.

“Intterra has always delivered the right data to give Chiefs and Command Staff what they need, when they need it. The ongoing updates to our Reporting & Analytics tools are the first of many enhancements coming across the Intterra Platform.” said Mike Soldan, CEO at Intterra.

The addition of Agency Incidents dashboard gives Command Staff a view into the types, counts, and details of reported incidents as well as response times in a single lens. The new Turnout & Travel Over Time shows performance across stations in their response times to incidents, giving Chiefs and Command Staff the information they need to evaluate trends and make rapid improvements.

“We listen closely to our customers. When we hear feedback that can bring value to more agencies, we act on it quickly. These two new features came directly from some of our large agencies and we’re happy to be delivering for them.” said Amy Ehm, Head of Customer Success at Intterra.

Intterra’s Reporting & Analytics product ingests agency RMS data, or CAD History data to make it easy for agencies to manage their performance. Intterra’s commitment to data quality allows agencies to trust the generated reports streamlining the reporting process. Reporting & Analytics can be added as a feature to any existing Intterra customers.

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About Intterra

Intterra is a trusted interagency common operational platform providing real-time situational awareness software for firefighters, first responders, and the private sector. Intterra’s software allows communities to share situational information and respond to risks & events as they develop in real-time. Trusted by some of the busiest firefighting agencies in the US, Intterra empowers departments and agencies with insights and analytics, allowing users to access all of a department’s relevant data in one centralized visual interface. Since 2010, Intterra has been on a mission to arm fire agencies with big-data solutions to ensure they’ll be better informed, more flexible, safer, and ultimately more valuable to their communities.