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Priority Dispatch develops COVID-19 assessment tool to help dispatch centers, callers

SALT LAKE CITY — To help relieve overwhelmed emergency communication centers, overtaxed first responders and overflowing ER rooms, Priority Dispatch® has released a COVID-19 assessment tool created specifically for the emergency medical services (EMS) environment. Designed to be customized by local medical control and health authorities to the needs of their community, the COVID-19 Assessment, Tracking & Triage (CATT) tool was developed in partnership with the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED™), Priority Solutions, Inc™ and Corti.

As the CDC and governmental officials are asking people to contact their local healthcare providers before going to the ER or calling 911, CATT guides residents through a sequence of questions to determine whether their symptoms require assistance from an emergency medical dispatcher and for EMS personnel to intervene. If symptoms can be handled outside the EMS system, the patient is directed to specific local resources for help. Unlike other assessment tools, CATT also screens for other underlying conditions and provides a range of directions and recommendations for the continuing care of the patient, again potentially relieving EMS resources. CATT can also be white labeled for emergency communications or government organizations.

CATT leverages the decades of experience and expertise of the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch, the worldwide EMS standard-setting organization, and their partners Priority Dispatch and Priority Solutions. These global experts on EMS triage have created CATT to work optimally in the EMS environment, working in conjunction with Corti, a state-of-the-art AI software company.

Callers can be referred to CATT from an emergency communications center, government or health website, or from a recording prompt while in the 911 queue. An emergency dispatcher can also refer a caller to use CATT, at the discretion of local EMS officials.

About Priority Dispatch
Priority Dispatch supports emergency dispatch centers around the world with the technology, tools, and training required to meet the needs of all types of dispatch environments. As the exclusive licensee and distributor of the IAED’s unified protocol systems, Priority Dispatch integrates these protocols with the technology of ProQA® software. ProQA enables dispatch operators to respond confidently and accurately with time-tested and proven logic from the top minds in the industry across the world, plus the expertise of hundreds of millions of dispatch calls.