Everything is illuminated with StyLite

The StyLite is a light-guided stylet to help medics safely intubate patients

By Erin Hicks
FireRescue1 Staff

Who would have thought that the same material in glow sticks could be useful in pre hospital care? OmniGlow LLC, a company that produces glow sticks and necklaces for consumer use, has recently begun production of medical-grade chemiluminescent devices for both the pre hospital and clinical environment.

To help medics battle poor lighting and variable lighting conditions when intubating patients, OmniGlow LLC came up with StyLite — a simple lighting solution that's disposable, light-weight, and fast-acting.

Photo Dan WhiteThe Stylite is demonstrated on a training manikin at EMS Today in Baltimore.

Photo Dan White
The Stylite is demonstrated on a training manikin at EMS Today in Baltimore.

The StyLite is a light-guided stylet that helps medics see what they're doing when intubating patients, and was among the new products on display at FDIC in Indianapolis

The StyLite is described as being useful for patients with a difficult or bloody airway, scarring, trauma, or in environments with limited ambient light.

All you have to do to activate the StyLite is remove the black cover, bend the tip of the StyLite until you feel a "snap", then shake it — much the way you'd activate a regular glow stick.

At a cost of $14.50, Ira Leemon, president of OmniGlow, said that the StyLite is about a third of the price of many similar products on the market.

While some are interested in using the StyLite in the emergency room, Leemon said it's specifically designed for an EMS responder to use on the street.

"It lights up the vocal chords and the responder can just slip the ET tube in between the vocal chords. This eliminates all guess work and usually you can achieve a patent airway in seconds."

He added the StyLite has gotten a great reception at various shows, including April's FDIC.

OMNIGLOW, LLC has produced medical-grade chemiluminescent devices for both diagnostic and clinical use for the past 15 years, and is the world's largest producer of chemiluminescent devices for medical applications. For more information, visit www.omnimedtech.com.

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