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InnovativeMed Introduces the Cer-Port-Mat

Today marks the formal unveiling of a new and innovative tool for all health care professionals. The Cer-Port-Mat is a groundbreaking original instrument for emergency medical support teams. Based on eliminating the chance of repeat injury while being attended to in an emergency situation, the Cer-Port-Mat stabilizes the victim on a foam-like spine mattress, which adheres to the patient’s body for better spinal immobilization and stabilization treatment. Sturdy and durable, the medical product is made of a flexible urethane coated in a poly-vinyl providing both durability and simple cleanup.

With both neck and head support, the Cer-Port-Mat allows optimal range for emergency professionals to attend to their patient. What is most important to the patient is the stabilization of the neck and spine, preventing damaging movements before arrival at the hospital. In an anatomically correct position, the patient’s firm support in his/her head, neck, lower lumbar, and knee regions.

Several studies have shown that the spinal immobilizing technique utilized in the Cer-Port-Mat reduces the chance of re-injury to the patient. Another great advantage with the Cer-Port-Mat, there is no pressing need to quickly remove the patient from the mattress. Due to the chance of development of pressure sores, pain and discomfort, respiratory compromise and no interference with use in radiological imaging much valid enough reasons for using this product in each and every emergency medical situation.

Acclaimed by medical professionals, the Cer-Port-Mat is easy to use: light weight, it rolls into the size of a duffel bag, can be wiped clean, floats when used in water rescue, and is an ideal product for anyone involved in the emergency medical profession.

Why take the risk when it comes to someone’s life? To learn more on how to save someone’s life or even just to avoid more injury to your patient, contact InnovativeMed.Net online or by calling (646) 383-4750 today for more information.

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