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Kovenex Fabric Adds Liquid Repellency to its Line of Thermal Liners

RICHMOND, Va.Waubridge Specialty Fabrics, LLC (Waubridge) today unveiled a liquid repellent finish for its line of Kovenex thermal liners. With this additional protective quality, Kovenex maintains its inherent flame-, tear- and cut-resistant properties and NFPA 1971-2007 standards for vertical flammability, but also enables rescue workers and others to perform more safely and effectively in wet conditions stemming from water and petroleum.

According to Matt Smith, business development director at Waubridge, the new liquid repellant Kovenex line is tested to and passes AATCC-22 and AATCC-35 testing standards for water repellency. In addition, Kovenex products that have the liquid repellent finish maintain breathability and have Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates above 500 g/m2/24hr after treatment.

“At Waubridge, the voice of the customer is invaluable, and for years firefighters and other rescue workers with whom we have closely worked have praised Kovenex for the qualities that protect them against flames, heat and sharps,” said Smith. “However, according to some, the one element that Kovenex was lacking was the ability to repel water- and petroleum-based fluids. With the addition of this finish to Kovenex fabrics, we are pleased to offer this added level of safety and protection.”

Kovenex has been used by firefighters and other first responders for years in a number of products, including the Kovenex Rapid Response Blanket, and in the Dragon Fire Alpha structural firefighting, extrication and mechanics gloves by Fireman’s Shield, wherein Kovenex serves as a heat-blocking thermal barrier and will now make donning and doffing much easier. In addition, Waubridge offers the Kovenex Occupational Safety Blanket, designed specifically for use in industrial workplaces such as plants, foundries, mills and other facilities in which fire-related incidents could occur.

About Kovenex

Kovenex, manufactured and marketed by Chester, Va.-based Waubridge Specialty Fabrics, LLC, is a high-performance engineered fabric blend with inherent flame-, heat- and tear-resistant properties. For more information please visit or call 866.861.7976.