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Fire Station Flooring System Solves Problems of Impact and Moisture by Criterion Floors

The same company that introduced you to fire station flooring with their quartz flooring back in the 80’s, has developed the most impact resistant, moisture resistant, slip-resistant and green flooring ever designed, Cri-Flex 4000.

Elkridge, MD - Criterion Flooring Systems, LLC has just released their latest flooring system, Cri-Flex 4000. This is a high build (1/8") urethane system with a recycled rubber broadcast and a low VOC urethane top coat. This system was designed to handle the dropping of tools, dragging of hose couplings and the dropping of hooks and pry bars without gouging or chipping.

The biggest problem with most high build systems is the fact that they are brittle. Cri-Flex 4000 system solves this problem by incorporating a unique flexible urethane formula that absorbs the impact of falling objects.

All of the coating materials in Cri-Flex 4000 have VOC contents below the Green Seal Standard (GS-11) requirement. This new system is broadcasted with recycled rubber aggregate made from old tires, when included in a project, that project will receive LEED Recycled Content points. Because the excess rubber is reclaimed, it is also eligible for Reclaimed Content points as well.

Cri-Flex 4000 also has a proprietary primer that is guaranteed against moisture vapor failure for the life of it’s warranty. The standard warranty for the Cri-Flex 4000 system is five (5) years.

About Criterion Flooring Systems
Criterion Flooring Systems, LLC has been installing high build epoxy flooring in the North East since 1973. The Criterion name is the most recognized name in fire station flooring. Criterion has been synonymous with safety, quality and low maintenance for over 37 years.

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