ESS Receives Positive Feedback from Fire Customers

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ESS receives numerous emails and letters every week from customers happy with their ESS products, often thanking ESS for saving their eyesight and even their lives. Below is a short sampling of the feedback that we receive from the field.

I would like to send you this letter stating how effective your Innerzone goggles have been to me. Last December, our department responded to a fully involved structural fire in which I was on the initial attack and search for two victims trapped inside. The heat was much more intense than other fires I have been in. Afterwards, upon inspecting my gear, I noticed that the goggles were in great shape after being unprotected on my helmet through this situation. We were recently dispatched to an auto accident where we had to extricate a victim from one of the vehicles. Our pressurized hydraulic line to the tool ruptured, and I thank my ESS goggles for protecting my eyesight and allowing me to continue working, even though I was covered in hydraulic fluid. Once again, these goggles have proven to me that they are effective and durable. Our whole department now uses ESS Goggles! Thank you!
--Travis Anderson, Firefighter/EMT, Enon Fire Department, OH

Dear ESS, As the Safety Officer and Protective Clothing Manager, I have been issuing ESS goggles for over four years. In fact, Metro Fire Sacramento has almost 1,300 pairs of ESS goggles in service. I have found the ESS goggle to be the best eye protection product available. Period. We appreciate your development of a great product and your commitment to firefighter safety and primary eye protection. Incorporating ESS goggles has been a benefit to our personnel and a 100% positive experience. I strongly recommend the use of ESS goggles to any fire department.
--Captain Michael McKenna, Safety Officer, Metro Fire Sacramento

I have to write to say what a great pair of goggles you have come up with. I was recently on a small brush fire and I was wearing my new ESS Wildland goggles for the second time. It was a quick-moving fire, and we were second or third in, so we were into the smoke pretty good. My eyes were clear and happy because of my new goggles. A captain from another engine who was rubbing his eyes under his sunglasses asked me, 'How are those new goggles?' I said, 'Great. My eyes don't hurt a bit.' As a matter of fact, because of the great fit, no smoke even made into my eyes. Our department issues the old tanker goggle from WWII, which doesn't seal around your eyes, is very uncomfortable, and warps during the off-season. Thanks--I hope more firefighters out there discover your great product.
--Michael Tyree, Firefighter, Orange County Fire Authority, CA

Dear ESS, I am a member of our regional USAR Task Force and have been using my ESS X-Tricator goggles for over a year. These are the best goggles I've ever used--durable, lightweight, and very comfortable. These goggles have held up superbly to the rigors of structural collapse, confined space, trench, and vehicle extrication situations. I have been using the same tear-off lens cover since I bought my goggles. Whenever the tear-off gets wet, muddy, or oily, I just clean and dry it with no loss of visibility.
--Jeffrey McDonough, Firefighter/Paramedic, USAR Rescue Tech, Cincinatti, OH

We switched to your Innerzone II goggles from a flip down full-face shield. Everyone loves the goggles; there’s no need to carry safety glasses for auto extrication or other non-SCBA work, no lost safety glasses, etc. Thanks!
--Vincent M. Rovnak, Lake Erie Beach VFC

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