Coyote Camp Fireline Chow Provides Rehab for Emergency Services Personnel

Firefighters, Search and Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement…all personnel engaged in the multiple forms of Emergency Service Providers benefit tremendously from crew rehab on emergency events.

Crew rehab - rest and hydration, caloric intake, core temperature cooling (or warming, depending upon the weather) - means taking care of you and your crew during strenuous or long duration events. Adequate crew rehab can mean the difference between life and death for a crew member, but in its most common manifestation, crew rehab serves to maintain the balance of safety and performance on an emergency event.

Coyote Camp Fireline Chow, firefighter owned and established in 1997, has been helping Fire Crews, Fire Departments, and Seach & Rescue Teams throughout the nation successfully meet the caloric and hydration requirements of emergency events, as well as training events since its inception.  Today, more than ever, Fire and Emergency Service managers and Overhead Team members recognize the value, in fact the necessity, of "rehabbing" their crews on live events and on training events.  In so doing, these managers are effectively reducing the Line of Duty Injuries and Line of Duty Deaths that result from the stresses inherent in Emergency Services.

As an Emergency Service Provider, take the time to review your Department OI or Policy regarding Rehab on events. If your Department or Agency does not currently have a policy in place, perhaps now is the time to develop and implement such a policy.   There are numerous examples available for review or adaptation to the specific mission requirements of your Department or Agency.  The Houston, TX Fire Department ( ), and the Farmington, NM Fire Department ( ) are two Departments with such policies in place, and whose OI on Crew Rehab is published on their website.

Take a look at your Crew Rehab policies and those of other Department or Agencies. We at Coyote Camp are certain your time will be well-spent!

Safe Holidays to All!

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