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First Due reimagines the Fire & EMS Software Suite with expanded offering

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First Due has partnered with SaaS and public safety industry leaders to build the next generation end-to-end software suite for fire and EMS agencies, allowing them to run their operation on a single platform. (Courtesy photo)

NEW YORK — First Due, known to fire and emergency response agencies across the US for developing pre-incident planning, mobile response and community engagement software for first responders, announced today the release of its next-generation Fire & EMS Suite.

The new First Due Suite aims to transform how Fire & EMS agencies run their operation by offering best-of-breed pre-planning, fire prevention, incident reporting, scheduling & personnel, assets & inventory, community engagement, and response – all in a single, cloud-based platform.

For half a decade, First Due has taken a leadership role in transforming pre-incident planning from a compliance task to a thriving component of an operation. While working with agencies of all sizes including Seattle, Fort Worth, Charlotte, and Santa Monica, First Due has become aware of the challenges Fire & EMS agencies face from an operational perspective.

“For many years, agencies have struggled with legacy applications to run their operation,” explains co-founder and head of product Rami El-Choufani. “Over the past few years, we’ve seen a push to modern cloud products to fill in the gaps. However, this has resulted in adopting many disconnected applications to run a single agency. As you can imagine, this results in greater cost, reduced operational effectiveness, and at the end of the day, increased risk to first responders and the community.”

First Due’s expansion comes after establishing partnerships with top venture capital funds including, NY Angels, Inc., Teamworthy Ventures, TechNexus Venture Collaborative, and Collate Capital – helping the First Due team tackle key challenges where incumbent Fire & EMS software solutions have failed. First Due aims to invest heavily in innovation, with the imminent release of ePCR and introduction of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and connected vehicle solutions.

The key to First Due’s approach is software consolidation across vital functions – a pivotal concept described as a key innovation driver for 2021 and beyond.

“Agencies have been asking for a one-stop-shop for many years,” explains CEO Andreas Huber. “They have too many different products to train their staff on, vendors to deal with, and integrations to manage, ultimately leading to unnecessary cost and effort.”

The job of first responders continues to become more complex while industry software has stagnated due to a lack of innovation. As legacy platforms sunset, limited options exist for true software consolidation. First Due solves this by providing deep and natively built functionality across all areas of Fire & EMS.

Huber continues, “We aim to not only provide a single platform that helps agencies run their entire operation but also to truly transform how they operate. We are raising the bar on what our industry should expect from their software providers.”

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About First Due
Backed by NY Angels, Inc., Teamworthy Ventures, TechNexus Venture Collaborative, and Collate Capital, New York-based First Due has reimagined public-safety technology for agencies nationwide. The SaaS First Due Suite provides Fire & EMS agencies an end-to-end solution to consolidate all core components of their operation in a single platform.

Departments with First Due are transforming how they function, before, during and after an incident - ultimately leading to better decisions and a safer community.