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Coaxsher Selected by Australian Department of Sustainability and Environment to Design Custom Outdoor Utility Packs

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Wenatchee, WA Coaxsher™, maker of wildland fire, search and rescue team gear, has been selected by Australia’s Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) to provide 800 custom-made fire utility packs to help the agency improve safety for wildland firefighters.

Over the course of the last year, the DSE tested Coaxsher’s fire utility packs against ten other manufacturers and decided upon the Wenatchee-based company’s pack for its quality design and superior workmanship. After the selection process was complete, Coaxsher™ worked closely with DSE to customize the fire packs to the agency’s specific needs. Coaxsher™ will deliver the packs to the DSE by September 30, 2008. The Australian DSE will order 500 more packs within the next year, making this an ongoing contract for Coaxsher™.

“We were very excited and honored to be awarded the contract,” said Kyle Cox, CEO and co-owner of Coaxsher™. “We worked hard to make sure we exceeded the needs and wants of DSE.”

Australia’s bushfire season occurs during the winter months in America, so DSE wants the new packs for their upcoming fire season. Tailor-made for DSE, the Coaxsher™ packs provide the features for DSE firefighters to manage fires, including planned burns and wildfire outbreaks. DSE will distribute them throughout the organization to all of their firefighters.

The Department of Sustainability and Environment works to manage water resources, climate change, bushfires, parks, forests and other ecosystems for Australia’s Victorian Government. For more information about Australia’s DSE, visit

With a shared passion for the outdoors, brothers Kevin and Kyle Cox founded Coaxsher™ in February 2001 to design and create versatile, user-friendly outdoor gear. For more information about Coaxsher™ and its products, visit

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