Flats No More Announces BioTrac Distribution Petro-Clean, an Emergency Spill Response Solution

MAGNOLIA, AL - Petro-Clean Emergency Response Solution is applied to any hydrocarbon or fuel spill. It is designed to immediately break up the spill on contact and render the spill non-flammable, leaving no slippery residue when washed down. It’s that simple! Petro-Clean is designed to encapsulate and hold the volatiles within fuel hydrocarbons in a very tight emulsion or oil water mixture. Once Petro-Clean is mixed with the water and fuel it traps the volatiles.

Petro-Clean is a special chemical formulation designed as an emergency spill response solution. It is used by emergency response, firefighting and hazmat groups to clean up fuel spills. It has been used successfully by some of the largest hazmat groups in the world. Petro-Clean is successfully used by petrochemical plants and refineries, fuel service stations, emergency response and environmental remediation contractors, airports and fire departments for emergency response, surface cleaning, tank cleaning, and remediation projects. Petro-Clean is excellent for aviation and aerospace fuel spills. Petro-Clean will break down and remediate glycols!

When applied to gasoline, diesel and other volatile hydrocarbons, Petro-Clean takes care of your safety and environmental issues immediately. Moments count when there is a fuel spill! Emergency response groups risk their lives to protect us. They deserve to have the very best products available.

Petro-Clean Emergency Response Mixing Ratios and Application: Typically, for emergency response or fuel spill applications we recommend the following for safety. Petro-Clean Concentrate is mixed approximately 10% product with 90% water for Emergency Response to fuel spills. 1 gallon of Petro-Clean Concentrate + 9 gallons of water = 10 gallons of RTU (Ready to Use) product. 10 gallons of RTU = 10 gallon fuel spill. Spray or distribute the RTU product evenly over the entire surface area of the fuel spill. Flush with more water!

So, estimate the amount of fuel spilled in gallons. Use 10% of this fuel spill amount in Petro-Clean Concentrate. Add an amount of water equal to the balance of the spill. Example, for a 1000 gallon gasoline fuel spill use 100 gallons of Petro-Clean Concentrate applied and broadcast or spread over the entire surface area of the fuel spill. Add approximately 1000 gallons of water to surface wash and mix the Petro-Clean, water, and fuel very well.

Please contact Flats No More/Bio Trac Distribition at 251/802-5861 for more information. We care very much for our customers and want to assist in every way possible!

• 10 gallon fuel spill = 1 gallon of Petro-Clean Concentrate + 9 gallons water.
• 50 gallon fuel spill = 5 gallons of Petro-Clean Concentrate + 45 gallons water.
• 100 gallon fuel spill = 10 gallons of Petro-Clean Concentrate + 90 gallons of water.
• 250 gallon fuel spill = 25 gallons of Petro-Clean Concentrate + 225 gallons of water. • 500 gallon fuel spill = 50 gallons of Petro-Clean Concentrate + 450 gallons of water. • 1000 gallon fuel spill = 100 gallons of Petro-Clean Concentrate + 900 gallons of water.

The BioTrac Distribution Petro-Clean is a high quality product that can be used on any hydrocarbon or fuel spill. Please beware of any fakes or counterfeits as there are hundreds of internet products advertised similarly. To learn more about Flats No More and their other products and services, visit their website at

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