HazTech Systems™, Inc. S. R. T. A. S. Satellite Rapid Threat Assessment System

KT1229 Mobile HazMat Response Vehicle

MARIPOSA, CA - KT1229 Mobile HazMat SRTAS is a complete system that combines all WMD detection technologies and wireless Communication with Satellite Internet Transmission into one interoperable management tool. Our unique product and proprietary software seamlessly facilitates input from all current testing devices of the six categories of unknown substances into a simple automatically output graph. Your Agency Incident Command can use this information to arrive at a correct response and control any single or multiple incident, all in real time.....

SRTAS utilizes the latest 802.11 wireless technology for receiving from the Hot Zone Microscopic images and test result data. The system has demonstrated two way communication capability within a 10-mile radius. All transmissions are automatically encrypted and decrypted for denied access from outside sources.

Toolbox Testing: SRTAS software can accommodate testing results from ALL current detection devices on the market today…..Simply choose that category for testing…..enter the testing results and SRTAS will record the results and provide to the Incident Commander an informative report.

“The Solution to HazMat Incidents”
KT1229 S.R.T.A.S.
Satellite Rapid Threat Assessment System
Mobile HazMat Response Vehicle

Equipped with the following: .095M Auto-Acquiring Satellite Dish System with twice the standard power output; Auto-deploy, Auto-set-up, and Auto-stow; a Quick Deploy 802.11 High–power Antenna; High-speed connectivity; Operations Software and Auto-Encryption and Decryption; Quiet and effi cient On-Board pull-start gas Honda generator “EU1000i” and backup 110 volt hookup. Safe Environment interoperable hardware and software. Pull shelves for all detection equipt.

Master Kit Includes:
•KT1040 MicroCat/WMD Kit Radiological, Explosive, Water Reactive, Biological Potentials and All 31 Treaty Banned Chemical Weapons and their precursors
•KT1044 CommandCat Kit Tablet Computer and Transmitter w/antenna, Technical Reference Center Computer and Receiver w/all software
•KT1220 HazCat Kit Reagents, Tools, Hardware, Manuals and Flow Charts to identify Industrial Chemicals, MIXTURES, Poisons, Metals. Identifi es Liquids, Solids, Organics, Inorganics, and chemicals used for Methamphetamine production
•KTC2002 Industrial Chemicals Unknowns Training Kit
•KTC2003 WMD Unknowns Training Kit

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